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Data analysis software includes programs that convert digital image information into textual or audio formats, cardiology information systems, dictation systems, computer visiondata recognition programs, and rules engines/expert systems/decision support tools. Example solutions include :

QxMD apps

Phillips Healthcare : Cardiology Informatics

Siemens, McKesson, and Sage Solutions

Heart Rate Variability analysis using METLAB

Integrated Cardiovascular Risk Factor Asssessment using decision support in primary care

Cardiology decision support system in primary care

Fujifilm: Synapse Cardiovascular

Improved Blood pressure control in physicians using Decision Support with EHR

Decision Support Tool for evaluation of cardiac arrest victims

Online decision support systems for acute coronary artery syndromes

Computerized decision support based improvement in adherence to cardiac care guidelines

Data Mining and Fuzzy Logic DSS used in predicting restenosis

John R Windle MD


Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

Ontology driven cardiovascular DSS

Patient Interactive Decision Support Vendors

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